First Aid Mallorca CPR 3Whether you are working in schools, offices, homes, hotels or businesses this first aid course will provide you with the basic skills needed to deal with a first aid incident in a safe and effective manner. The basic first aid course is delivered over 6 hours, 1 day or evening sessions can be arranged. The course content can tailored to meet organisations specific needs.

Issue of certificate

First aid candidates are assessed during Practical Exercises and written questionnaires throughout the course. HSE approved

Course fee: €155 including certificate.

Course Content

Taking and modressing-application-200x150nitoring vital signs
What to do in an emergency (casualty assessment)
Dealing with an unconscious casualty
Basic life support (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation -CPR)
Heart attack and angina
Serious bleeding and shock
Other topics can be added depending on the client’s needs